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Ongoing -- Provide news, advice and support to homeowners on a variety of subjects.

2014 -- NASH's 25th Anniversary.

Co-hosted the opening talk, book sale and exhibition on Silvermine artist, Frank Townsend Hutchens, at the New Canaan Historical Society.

Hosted the Mayor’s Night Out Town Meeting at the Silvermine School for the Community.

Biennial house tour postponed to 2015.

On the basis of the 2013 community input, supported amendments to the Silvermine Tavern Village District (STVD) at the public hearing to allow for development of the property while stressing possible shortage of parking and other concerns as well as protection and rehabilitation of the historic buildings as addressed in the STVD regulations. This is ongoing.

2013 -- Co-hosted with SCA a community meeting to hear and see the developer’s plans for the Silvermine Tavern Village District and to allow for community input.

Co-hosted a talk and reception on Charles Reiffel, Silvermine artist at the New Canaan Historical Society.

Hosted community informational meeting to present BJ’s special permit request for a Main Avenue superstore and its negative impact on Silvermine. Secured support of Council persons in effort to deny. Special permit denied. Following the denial, Dan Grundman, Leigh Grant and Christine Names continued to research the site, which is a Superfund site, both at the federal, state and city level to ascertain its development potential and its environmental problems in order to understand and defend against another inappropriate development proposal.

Met with Jane Didona, landscape architect to hear proposed plan for nature habitat to be developed by NASH on open space on Comstock Hill Ave.

2012 -- Sponsored 2012 Historic House Tour that included staging, lighting, and exhibition of works by the Silvermine Group of Artists in the old Borglum Studio/Barn – as well as a preview party.

Fought to preserve the Norwalk Museum at SoNo site and lost.

2011 -- Verneur Pratt Historic District on Perry Ave. listed in the State and National Register of Historic Places.

Public Information meeting of the replacement of the bridge carrying Rt 15 (Merritt Parkway) over the Silvermine River that included proposed partial destruction of the parkway bridge over Silvermine Ave. The 1956 river bridge, that replaced the original destroyed in the '55 flood. was extensively rehabilitated, not replaced and the Silvermine Ave. bridge was left alone.

2010 — Challenges proposed Silvermine Development LLC as improper application of conservation development.

2009 — Obtained approval from the City of Norwalk to develop a vacant city owned site as a Nature Habitat for the benefit of Silvermine residents.

NASH requests and attends stakeholder meetings on the Silvermine Avenue and Silvermine River bridge repairs with ConnDOT. Destruction of the Silvermine Avenue bridge is put on hold in favor of patching rather than replacing the Silvermine River Bridge. Final confirmation to follow.

July 2nd, Silvermine Center Historic District is listed on the National Register.

Despite an okay for Eligibility for Study, the Perry Avenue Historic District nomination is later turned down by the State Historic Commission for inclusion on the National Register.

2008-2009 — Merritt/Route 7 intervention results in agreement on proposed newest design. However design is tabled due to lack of funds

2008, 2006 and 2004 — Conceived and initiated three Silvermine Historic House Tours. Invited Silvermine Community Association (SCA) into partnership in tour committees. Worked with major Silvermine stakeholders: SilvermineTavern, Silver Hill, and Silvermine Guild. Norwalk Preservation Trust was a major sponsor.

2007 — By retention of the firm, Associated Cultural Resource Consultants, by way of 2004 house tour monies ($13,000.), and a grant applied for through the Connecticut Trust ($7000.), completed the Silvermine Center Historic District nomination to the National Register.

2006 — Obtained Approval for Eligibility for Study for the Silvermine Center Historic District for the National Register of Historic Places which includes 78 primary buildings of which 15 are Key.

Obtained pre-selection for Approval for Study in order to preserve 1899 Perry Avenue stone arch bridge after a capstone fell off. In partnership with SCA, set the tone in a speech given for a 200 plus residents' gathering at the Tavern to support preservation of the bridge.  Supported two-way, one lane solution that was originally opposed by the Department of Public Works (DPW) as the bridge did not meet federal standards for highway width. DPW preferred one way. Achieved two-way goal in a meeting with DPW, SCA and Mayor Moccia. Backed up position with accident statistics (none) and information on Public Act 97-214. Perry Avenue Bridge was listed on the National Register October 2006

Met with the CT Sitting Council, Mayor Moccia, state senators Bob Duff and legislators (Heatherington), CL&P to try to enforce Department of Public Health recommendation that power lines be 300 feet from residences in the three areas affected by 345kV overhead transmission in Docket 217 (March 2006).

2006 -- Helped finance, organize and garner support for a Cub Scout/Norwalk-River Initiative to plant the banks of the Silvermine River that took place in May 2006.

2004 – 2005 — Asked the mayor, P & Z, and police to review Perry Avenue exits of CVS on Main Avenue due to high potential for accidents on train tracks.

Contributed to Tree Pruning Guide conceived with and written by landscape architect and Silvermine resident, Peter Viteretto. NASH interacts directly with utility tree pruning contractors BEFORE they start.

2004 — Initiated idea, wrote, surveyed residents and presented in conjunction with Silvermine Community Association and Silvermine Crossing Condominium Association an 80 page Master Plan for Silvermine (Norwalk) for the Master Plan of Conservation and Development for the City of Norwalk. Special thanks to Peter Viteretto for professional plans of Silvermine.

Actively supported preservation of the Borglum Bam /"Knockers' Club", the original site of the Silvermine Group of Artists in Wilton. The bam was moved and preserved.

Partnered in a grant sought by the Silvermine Guild and awarded to    make a film about the Silvermine artists to show after lunch at the 2004 House Tour.

2003 — Fought Northeast Utilities over 345-kV towers slated for Silvermine, Broad River, and Norwalk in Phase One / Docket 217. Because of NASH's efforts, the City of Norwalk appealed the CT Sitting Council's decision on Phase One/Docket 217 - and won the first round.  Unfortunately, the City lost the second round but the fight influenced undergrounding for Norwalk in Phases Two and three and one 115kV in Phase One, Docket 217 was put underground.

2002 —Fought sewer installation for North Seir Hill to minimize rather than maximize future development. Was not successful.

1995 — Defeated installation of Costco store on Glover Avenue.

1989 — Norwalk Association of Silvermine Homeowners (NASH) formed in 1989 to respond to proposed Lifecare facility. Defeated Lifecare multi-story residential facility, including hospital and incinerator, slated for Silvermine Golf Course.


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